Hello iPhone 7 and 7 plus?

New iPhone Revealed! The picture you can see the back of the new iPhone.

So far there was no clear picture of the Home button physical device, when rumors claimed Quite possibly the button will be replaced with button-touch comes with the technology of the Force / 3D Touch the company introduced last year, initially with the clock and Htrkfdim computers MacBook, and later with iPhones 6s and – 6s Plus. Now a new image of the prototype of the first 7-plus shows (clearly) the front part of the device when it seems that the button remains the same, although the picture is slightly different looks recessed button on your existing 6s and 6s Plus.

It also seems that the device will come with a storage capacity of 32GB I may reach 256GB of storage. Another improvement is the return of black iPhones Lane, in accordance with the reporting network validated by Shai Mizrahi, will be added to the four current colors of iPhones. So while it seems that the iPhone 7 devices appear on paper as small and simple upgrade, it seems that all the small changes are added to them to upgrade pretty interesting, laid the groundwork device Apple's next iPhone to be presented in 2017 and will mark a decade in the iPhone apparently quite grandiose.

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