Six tricks you need to know Bootsaf

No extra features too popular messaging app, but there are some options, not particularly known, may upgrade your life. The indicator reading group to design specific text – but the things that you need to know.


The popular messaging app, from Facebook , used hundreds of millions of users daily worldwide, but most of us use only the most basic functions – and it's also probably the strength of the service, which requires familiarity with the application to enjoy and derive value.

But who plows every day on the application must know that there are some tricks and tips that make using it a lot more convenient and enjoyable.

Who read or watched the group stage sent?

Most users tux also members of different groups, limited family group and group of friends to work and mass groups. When writing a message, post a photo or video upload Group, a popular messaging app, look no immediate indication of the group who saw what you posted, but there is a fast and intuitive way to access the information that several clicks.

Press and hold the image or message you posted in the group. Once it will be marked with blue stripe icon will appear on top of the letter i with a circle around it or additional menu marked three circles one above the other; Where you will need to click on "details" to get to the same place. Click will bring you to stand with a list of people who saw your contribution to the group, together with an indication of when exactly the message read, or viewed and by whom.

Each member of the group – whether he read what you sent, and when. (Screenshot)

Eliminating the double blue formation

One feature comes you know and love, though not always positive, Bootsaf reading approval. Two blue V marks that indicate that the other party read your message. If you prefer a partner to the conversation shall not be an indication of reading the content and the value will turn blue double despite not reading, all you have to do is give up your right to temporarily Blue borrowers. In other words: what is more important to you at the moment – know who read what you have written or read it without their knowledge.

If you want to temporarily disable the confirmation call, enter the application menu by clicking on the three dots Android or iPhone gear and then enter the settings menu> Account> Privacy> Uncheck name from the "read receipts".

In many cases, it is better to give up reading approval and gain some time. (Screenshot)

Send a message to several contacts – no team

This feature is equivalent Hootsafi send a group e-mail, while hiding recipients in the BCC. We all know how to set up a group and add all the relevant users, but can also open a mailing list, where each member will think you sent him a private message.

All you have to do is enter the menu of the application messages (three points or gear, yes?) And there select "New Distribution List". In the resulting window enter the list of members you want to send them the same message but separate and finally click on Hwy top next to the word "create". Now every post you write on the mailing list will be sent to all registered it as if it were a personal statement.

Text bold, italic or deleted

Calls tux text messages have been replaced a long time ago, and in many cases the voice call itself, but despite the popularity of the application, it is sometimes difficult to understand what he meant the other side. Fortunately, the latest version of tux offers basic text formatting options such as Bold, tilt and strikethrough.

To make text bold, add asterisks before and after a word or text string designed for emphasis: * way * example. To make italic text, perform the same action but underlined, for example: _cch_. And to add strikethrough text, which will make it look like a deleted item, add a curved dash before and after, for example: ~ like ~. If you want you can use two or three ~ * ~ * _sogi Hdgsh_ simultaneously.

So it seems. (Screenshot)

Read later

Last year was distributed update option to mark read messages as unread not later viewing. It does not remove the blue dual formation, which means the other side viewing the message, but you will get an indication of that conversation unread messages, so you do not forget.

To mark unread conversations as such (Unread), as we know well never e-mail, press and hold the entire call list and menu select Mark as Unread option appears alongside archive, delete, and send email.

Eliminating automatic download

Although smartphones are now dozens of Gigo storage, and various cloud services we offer to save the photos and videos for free, many of us reach a point where our device storage space ran out. One of the main charges in this situation is the application tux and especially the many groups who bombed us videos.

If you tend to occasionally switch on the Download folder of tux and delete the content, you will know that there is a much simpler way to prevent the popular messaging app automatically download Heavy video images.

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