Report: Apple in talks to buy the music streaming service Tidal

The move is part of the attempt to expand Apple's music department. The catch – following the uncertain legal complication acquisition will include exclusive content of the service

Apple is considering expanding its music department through the purchase of music streaming service Tidal American rapper Jay-Z.

Tidal unique in that it belongs to the first service after rapper music artist bought the Swedish company for $ 56 million. In addition, it is also unique in that it provides exclusive content from artists like Beyonce and sell Prince. The trend of the exclusive content of the Tidal strengthened over the past year after artists like Prince ordered to remove their content from services like Spotify and compete with the Apple Music in July 2015.

To Tidal currently has a database of 4.2 million paid on a monthly basis. The service supports two tracks – one track sound quality standard at a price of $ 10 a month, and the second is a track with improved sound quality and cost double that of the standard route.

Legal complication that

Apparently Apple, as part of its plan to expand its music department, wants to get her hands on the contents of the service and its revenues. But according to news regarding a TheRinger , can be a legal move would be a bit more complicated than expected.

Knowing this, counsel cited Entertainment, Steve Gordon, who says that the acquisition of Tidal by Apple did not give her rights to third party content playback only full access to the list of subscribers of the service. This means that artists like Beyonce after purchase can take their content from Tidal and post it elsewhere, what will keep the Apple bald on both sides – also paid a significant amount for the purchase of the service and did not receive the full value her money. In other words, Apple could be forced to reopen the purse to which artists will leave their exclusive content at Tidal after the service will go up.

Bottom line, while the content of the artists is well protected behind draconian contracts, personal information that users provide to Tidal not get the same protection. TheRinger indicates user agreement clause that says that "if all or part of Tidal sold, will be consolidated or transferred to other entity, the information provided to the service will be transferred to that entity as part of the acquisition." It seems that this time the user himself and privacy are part of the product.

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