Report: Apple Watch new upgraded screen next spring

According to the report, the company develops new screen A"i LuxVue Apple acquired in 2014. The benefits will be reflected with a thinner design and energy efficiency, but it has a price. Literally

According to a new report next year, Apple will replace the display screens of its smart watch, Apple Watch, Micro LED technology rather than OLED screens it uses today.

The first report on the subject comes from Digitimes, claims that the move was carried out in the first half of 2017. He based his comments on the sources of import and supply chain in Taiwan.

Consequences: Upgraded battery life and slim design

According to the report in question, who is currently developing the new screen is a LuxVue, a company that specializes in creating screens Micro LED energy efficient. Apple bought this company in 2014 to switch screens LED Micro OLED screens have several interesting advantages – first advantage is of course extending the battery life of the Apple Watch substantially. In addition, in theory Micro LED screen will display a rich array of colors and higher resolutions.Another advantage is quite obvious that since the micro and easier thin LED screens, OLED, it is likely that the clock Apple's next smartphone, Apple Watch, will be smaller in size compared to its predecessor.

On the other hand, replacing the screen may produce significant jump in the price of clock for the smart consumer. The reason is that the cost of creating micro LED screen significantly higher than the OLED.

Apple makes great efforts to improve its smart watch. Two weeks ago, she tooka new operating system smart watches named WatchOS 3, which is not just correcting a variety of problems and complaints reported by consumers but also improves the interface and performance.

As with any rumor, we recommend that you take the things above a grain of salt until Apple will consider the matter and issue a formal statement.

Apple does not have a dull moment

It seems that Apple is not wasting a moment and is working hard on every front.Summer is scheduled to launch the smart watch Apple Watch, 2 and early 2017 to its next flagship smartphone, the iPhone 7. For the avoidance of doubt, these two products will not use the Micro LED screens, but it is likely that if the new technology succeeds in the Apple Watch 3 So it seems that future iPhones will follow.

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